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What are pins and how do you wear them?
Pins can and should be worn however you like.
Solo, in duos or in herds.

I wear them constantly (if I have something to wear them on) - individually rather than in sets. I rarely pin the same model two days in a row. There are days that are perfect for grass snakes, for caddisflies or pikes. And there are days when I feel in a deep thistle mood, so I come back to my favorite.
Elegant shirts can also become special with a pair of pins pinned opposite each other at the collar. You can compose sets of pins on a beloved jumper, collect them on a woolen cap, or leave them permanently pinned to favorite jackets.
There are pin wearers who have their favorite pins for special tasks. The wolf as a travelling companion, the lucky chamois when climbing mountain peaks.
Whatever the intention, the pin is an elegant detail to complete an outfit.
The pin menagerie likes gentle treatment. It's not fond of tugging and washing machine baths.

Pins feel good on most fabrics. They like the company of wool and cotton - although, just in case, it's always a good idea to test a pin on a little less exposed section of a blouse or jumper.

For lovers of silk and other delicate fabrics a word of friendly advice - don't pair them with pins. Fortunately most pins can be replaced with jewelry that I designed just for that purpose.
I've heard of cases where pins have escaped from thick coats if the clasp barely grasped the pin.

Pins feel great on vintage clothes, especially those with adventurous past. A beautiful shirt with a spot, a beloved jumper with a tiny hole? A pin rushes to the rescue to shield the minor imperfection.

There are probably as many ways to wear pins as there are owners. And that's a great thing.


Ok, but what ARE pins?

They are little images of animals, plants and fungi, pinned to clothing.
Pins can be many things and have an infinite number of meanings. You can give them your own meaning, take on someone else's intention, or wait for the gesture of wearing a pin to become something on its own.
A pin can be an ornament and it can be a symbol.
A sign of our admiration for nature.
An emblem of friendship and love.
It can be a memento of an adventure or a special encounter, or a thing of purely aesthetic pleasure.
Dog lovers will choose a Mazurian mongrel, birdwatchers will pick a long tailed tit after an hour long debate whether to choose a little owl or a tawny owl.
The pin will always BE something, will always mean something, although not the same for everyone, and I find it delightful.
Beauty and nature intersect our daily lives in countless ways - because we are in deep need of them in countless situations.

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